Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Wolverine" and the Quest for Immortality

“Immortality can be a burden especially when you have lost the meaning for living, when there is nothing or no one to live for. You may just become like a samurai without a master”.

The words of Master Yashida haunted Logan on several occasions. The offer was very attractive: mortality and rest after countless decades of fidgety existence. He had witnessed the barbarities of war and human struggles in history, recently the Nagasaki atomic bombing, where he saved Yashida’s life. He had lost his mutant friends. He had lost Jean. He has now become “a samurai without a master”. What will hinder him from accepting Yashida’s offer? Nothing. Just the curiosity of it!

What’s curious was the offer itself. And it’s coming from Yashida himself on his deathbed. Why would a dying man offer normal passing from life to death to an immortal mutant? Logan thought, why do I smell something fishy in it?

What was fishy became a shocking revelation in the end. Yashida himself (whose death was just a façade) was the one interested in transferring “mechanically” Wolverine’s immortality to himself. The motive? To protect and perpetuate the business empire he has built over the years.

The transmission could have succeeded had it not been interrupted courageously by Maroki, Yashida’s granddaughter. Finally, Wolverine found the reason for living. To Jean’s offer (in a dream) of joining her in the afterlife, Wolverine declined saying “I am a soldier”. He has ceased to become “a samurai without a master”.

Did you wonder what people could afford to do just to gain immortality? Wolverine is a film that depicts it. We see here another comic description of the truth of our being: man is created to endure forever. Confronted by the reality of death and the fear of extinction, he clings to his desire for immortality.

But oftentimes, man’s desire to be immortal does not correspond to his immortal constitution and to the eternal life he is called. The immortality he seeks is still bound to time and space while he is called to be eternal, to be in communion with the Author of time and space Himself.

In his quest for immortality, man clings to the things of this world. But God continues to remind him that true immortality consists in denying oneself of worldly and passing things and clinging to what is heavenly and enduring: a life in God.

Yashida spent his whole life in obsessively devising ways to obtain Wolverine’s immortality. Every man and woman does not have to invent extraordinary means to win eternal life. Christ already has procured it for us and offered it freely and readily for our reach. All we need to do is to turn to Christ.

“May we seek Christ; may we find Christ; may we love Christ”. And in finding Him, we shall obtain, not just immortality, but eternal bliss.

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"Sacerdotes, 'consagrados en la Verdad'"

Estar inmersos en la Verdad, en Cristo, de este proceso forma parte
la oración, en la que nos ejercitamos en la amistad con Él y aprendemos a
conocerle: su forma de ser, de pensar, de actuar. Rezar es un caminar en
comunión personal con Cristo, exponiendo ante Él nuestra vida cotidiana,
nuestros logros y nuestros fracasos, nuestras fatigas y nuestras alegrías -es un
simple presentarnos a nosotros mismos ante Él. Pero para que esto no se
convierta en un autocontemplarse, es importante que aprendamos continuamente a
rezar rezando con la Iglesia.