Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Here are some spiritual food from San Josemaria Escriva, taken from his famous book, The Way (nn 258-264). For those interested, who are at the same boat as I am. Hope you get spiritual benefits from these:

Get rid of those scruples that deprive you of peace. What robs you of your peace of soul cannot come from God.

When God comes to you, you will realize the truth of those greetings: My peace I give to you...My peace I leave with you... My peace be with you... And this peace you will feel even in the midst of tribulation.

Still those scruples!
Talk simply and clearly with your director. Obey...and don't belittle the most loving heart of Our Lord.

Sadness, depression. I'm not surprised: it's the cloud of dust raised by your fall. But...enough of it! Can't you see that the cloud has been borne far away by the breath of grace?

Moreover, your sadness -- if you don't reject it -- could very well be the cloak of your pride. Did you really think yourself perfect and sinless?

I forbid you to think any more about it. Instead, bless God, who has given life back to your soul.

Don't think any more about your fall. Besides overwhelming and crushing you under its weight, that recollection may easily be an occasion of future temptation.

Christ has forgiven you! Forget the "old man" -- your former self.

Don't be disheartened. I have seen you struggle. Today's defeat is training for your final victory.

You've done well, even though you have fallen so low. You've done well, because you humbled yourself, because you straightened yourself out, because you filled yourself with hope -- and that hope brought you back again to His Love.

Don't look so amazed: you've done well! You rose up from the ground. Surge -- "Arise" -- cried anew the mighty voice -- et ambula -- "and walk!" Now--to work.

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"Sacerdotes, 'consagrados en la Verdad'"

Estar inmersos en la Verdad, en Cristo, de este proceso forma parte
la oración, en la que nos ejercitamos en la amistad con Él y aprendemos a
conocerle: su forma de ser, de pensar, de actuar. Rezar es un caminar en
comunión personal con Cristo, exponiendo ante Él nuestra vida cotidiana,
nuestros logros y nuestros fracasos, nuestras fatigas y nuestras alegrías -es un
simple presentarnos a nosotros mismos ante Él. Pero para que esto no se
convierta en un autocontemplarse, es importante que aprendamos continuamente a
rezar rezando con la Iglesia.